Information on GST enrolment

Commissioner of Taxes, Asangba Chuba Ao has informed that the last date for enrolment of dealers under GST has been set on March 31 for the whole nation.
In a press release, Commissioner of Taxes stated that the CEO of Goods and Services Network (GSTN) had informed that the process of enrolling for GST would only be available upto the aforementioned date.
Asangba also cautioned that dealers failing to enrol within the given period might face de-registration under the current VAT law and would have difficulties to register afresh for GST which would affect smooth transaction of business under the GST regime which is likely to come into effect from July 1.
Dealers who have not received their provisional IDs and passwords issued by GSTN have been informed to log in to the State VAT portal using their current credentials or immediately contact their respective tax office and collect the same and those who have enrolled but have not submitted details should also do so within the time frame using Aadhar e-sign or Digital Signature Certificate (DSC).
Commissioner of Taxes further informed that the Department of Taxes had set up facilitation centres in all its offices across the state to assist dealers for enrolling in the GST portal with all the facilities and trained staff.