Government extends deadline for filing GST returns

Due to sudden surge in filing of returns that led overload GST network. The IT backbone for GST extended the date for filling of returns. GSTR 1 has been extended to September 10 against the earlier deadline of tomorrow. Subsequently, filling of GSTR 2 and GSTR 3 has been extended to September 25 and 30 respectively. GSTR 1 for August has been extended to October 5, GSTR 2 till October 10 and GSTR 3 till October 15.

Under field 3.1, you will have to fill all the details of outward supplies and inward supplies liable to reverse charge. Reverse charge under GST is the liability of the recipient to pay taxes instead of the supplier and is applicable for both goods and services. Very simply, this is total taxable value of both intrastate and interstate of supplies with details like:

a) Outward taxable supplies (other than zero rate, nil rate and exempted)
b) Outward taxable supplies (zero rated)  c) Other outward supplies (nil rated and exempted)
c) Inward supplies (liable to reverse charge)
d) Non-GST outward supplies

Please note along with the total taxable value, you have to also give the details of tax under IGST, CGST, SGST or UTGST. Value of Taxable Supplies = Value of invoices + value of Debit Notes – value of credit notes + value of advances received for which invoices have not been issued in the same month – value of advances adjusted against invoices